5 reasons to submit a pre-conference course Written by uxpa on September 25, 2019

Pre-conference courses run the day before the main conference and last either a half day or full day. They’re a classroom style interactive session giving attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into a subject, experiment and learn from each other.

Here are 5 reasons you should submit a pre-conference course proposal:

1) You’re an expert on your topic. Be it a research method, design process, tool or technique, consulting process, management style, the list goes on. You’ve gained so much experience, other professionals can learn a lot from you.

2) You have an interactive session idea that will help UX professionals to learn something new. Your topic needs discussion, in-depth exploration, and exercises to communicate. For instance last year we had a session that used the medium of LEGO® to demonstrate how bricks can be used as a tool for achieving authentic team collaboration.

3) You’ve learned something new and feel it should be shared. Teach a topic to people who haven’t discovered it yet or thought about it the way you do. This could be aimed at experienced practitioners who want a new perspective, or helping new practitioners pick up the basics.

4) Build your network by teaching attendees from across the world. During your course you’ll have the opportunity to build long and meaningful relationships with people you wouldn’t usually meet.

5) You want to explore the historic, hip, trendy home of UXPA 2020. We know you’ll fall in love with the charm of Baltimore, MD.

What are you waiting for? Sharpen your thoughts, and submit your pre-conference course proposal

How to submit your proposal


Written by: Rajesh Kalidindi, UXPA International 2020 Pre-conference Courses Chair

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