How does UXPA International review conference proposals? Written by Sasha Williamson on September 17, 2019

The UXPA International Conference is a community event which means our panel of reviewers & submitters help set the agenda! 

We use a peer review process with multiple stages and mandatory review fields to ensure the process is fair, and that a diverse group of UX professionals can help shape the conference.

How it works

When you submit a proposal to UXPA2020 your submission will be “sanitized”; we remove identifiable information like your name, company, or book titles so that the people reviewing cannot identify who wrote the submission.  

In the latter half of October, your submission will be reviewed by at least three other UX professionals who are either submitters (like yourself) or volunteer reviewers. Volunteer reviewers are other UX professionals who would like to help shape the agenda. There are usually 200-250 reviewers. 

Reviewers read their assigned proposals and rate the submissions on a set of criteria detailed here: They can also make suggestions to help a submitter improve their proposal. 

We have 15 review chairs who are responsible for a specific track or session type: In November, a review chair will select the top submissions for their category based on reviewer feedback.  

Later in the month, the Conference Committee meets as a whole to discuss all the chosen submissions. If your submission is chosen you’ll be contacted by mid-December. 

Key dates to remember

Submissions will close Friday September 27

Review period will be October 13-27

Notification of whether you’ve been accepted will be mid-December

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