User experience and Business analysis– the evolving relationship between two important disciplines

Maryland A

This presentation will explore the relationship between user experience and the important field of business analysis. It presents a practical summary of the ways that UX practitioners can work best with business analysts (BAs). The BA role, as a keystone between the business and the technology teams, is often critical in ensuring the success of digital transformations in commercial and government organisations.

BAs are often critical lynchpins between the business ambitions and technology capabilities inherent in designs that work for both end users and the organisation. As the importance of UX and user-centred design is recognised, BAs often become the custodians of user requirements alongside their core area of business and technology requirements. Yet not all BAs have a complete understanding of the UX field or the skills for user research or experience design. Do BAs welcome the added responsibility of progressing the user requirements, or even capturing these requirements by performing the user research themselves?

To explore this trend the speaker will draw on his experience leading a UX consultancy that has worked alongside BAs whilst conducting hundreds of projects across various sectors and geographies. He will also present the results of interviews and survey research with BAs on this topic to get the views on this evolving relationship.

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