Hello, meet Hola! Design for mixed-language interfaces.

Baltimore A

A global online user population necessitates the exchange of content from different sources, and the ability to aggregate multilingual content is a critical requirement within many research and business contexts. Mixed-language content provides a rich information set, while adding another layer of complexity and scale, which we can address through thoughtful UX design. To effectively reach a global audience and provide access to content in multiple languages, we must structure mixed-language content to support its successful presentation and delivery, and provide innovative designs that facilitate exploration.

In this talk, we’ll discuss real-world examples for:
– Presenting content in multiple languages so it co-exists well on the screen and in search
– Designing interfaces that support navigating, exploring, and understanding content available in multiple languages
– Structuring content to support a flexible, scalable multilingual information management approach

Interaction and Visual Design Senior level