Reclaiming the promise of UX research

Maryland A

The disconnect between technologies’ promise and their failings is more stark than it’s been in decades. New technologies like voice UIs, connected products, AR, and AI are fundamentally changing our relationship with technology. At the same time the news is filled with stories of tech companies’ ethical lapses.

Many of us got into this field because we wanted to help create empathy-driven products. We want to build a better future, to disrupt and innovate, but we won’t get there if all we do is ‘test & iterate.’ In this talk, I’ll make the case that these emerging technologies provide a unique opportunity to advocate for evidence-based strategies and deeper methodologies, and I’ll share suggestions for how to influence your organization in this direction. Do you want to participate in company-focused incrementalism or push for human-centered design practice? It’s time to reclaim the promise of UX research.

Entry level Innovation and Emerging Technologies