So you want to be a gov UXer… A primer for anyone interested in doing user experience work for the US Federal Government.

Maryland Ballroom

Working for the US Federal Government (as an employee or contractor) is a unique experience. This is especially true for UXers.

This session provides an engaging, sometimes humorous overview of the peculiarities, challenges, and rewards of working as a GOV UXer and offers advice for getting started, succeeding, and spreading the culture of good UX (aka CX or citizen experience).

The session will cover:

– GOV UX stats that might surprise you
– A brief history of US Federal GOV UX / rules, regs, and limitations affecting UX work
– Agencies, actors, and influencers to know
– Federal web culture fundamentals
– Citizen engagement goals and techniques
– Usability testing rules, regs, and workarounds
– Resources and communities for GOV UXers

The session will include examples from 20+ years working on the front lines of US Federal GOV UX for dozens of federal agencies on hundreds of projects including some of the biggest and highest profile sites.

Entry level Government UX