UX writing workshop: macro storytelling & microcopy

Watertable A

Writing for design is a challenging process with a noble goal: to provide users with a simple, satisfying digital experience that guides and reassures. In this course, we cover critical best practices for exceptional UX writing.

Learn how to wield dual lenses when writing for design. Use a macro lens to create a product narrative. Use a micro lens when writing for specific UI components. Use empathy to tie your words to the moment.

What will I learn?
• Methods for using storytelling to create a product narrative that flows from your marketing through to your UI.
• Content heuristics to ensure that every UI component you write for satisfies user needs.
• Specific techniques to guide designers, writers, and product managers in content assessments.

Who is this course for?
• Designers and content strategists who want to learn techniques for UX writing.
• UX writers who want to deepen their UX writing approach.
• Product strategists who want to understand how UX writing fits into their overall strategy.

Deep dive Tools and Techniques