Alan Williams

Director of Design, Propel

Alan Williams is the Director of Design at Propel, where he leads the design and development of technology that support the financial health of more than 2 million families that use Propel’s flagship product, Fresh EBT. Prior to Propel, Alan served as the Director of Product Design at Civilla, a non-profit design studio that is transforming the delivery of social services Michigan. In 2015, co-founded GetCalFresh.org to improve access to SNAP benefits in California, which now services over 1 million families annually.

My Sessions

Applying behavioral design principles to facilitate smarter financial decisions

Baltimore A

The panelists share their most recent behavioral research findings and best practices about how to create behavioral design via digital channels to inrease customer engagement, build customer trust and confidence, nudge smarter financial decision-making, and improve consumer financial health, especially for those who are financially underserved. Made of up of the nation’s top notch financial […]

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