Ben Kertman

Private Behavior Change Consultant

Ben is a behavior change scientist and public health specialist who became a user research consultant to help organizations design experiences that change behaviors and improve human well-being.

Impatient with the tendency of behavior change companies to use a single discipline approach (e.g. behavioral economics) and guard their methods behind paywalls, Ben spent the last 7 years developing an open-source, multi-discipline, behavior change framework for researchers and designers to apply to UX.

Ben holds a masters in Social and Behavior Science and Public Health from Harvard.

My Sessions

Behavior Change Framework: An open-source methodology for applying behavior science to research and design to create products with real impact

Maryland A

When we design products and experiences to encourage users to re-share an article or go for a run, we are attempting to change behaviors. Though much of our work revolves around behavior change, we haven’t yet integrated behavior science into the foundations of our methods. We have an opportunity to do so. I will walk […]

Design Psychology Entry level