Caroline Jarrett

Artificial Intelligence Feasibility Investigator, Effortmark Ltd

Caroline Jarrett has been improving the user experience of forms for over 25 years, and of surveys in particular for over a decade.

She is the author of “Surveys that work” (Rosenfeld Media), and co-author of the “Forms and Surveys” chapter in “Eyetracking the user experience” (Elsevier).

Caroline is a leading contributor to design systems. She worked for three years with the UK Government Digital Service on their design system and their online satisfaction survey. She is working with the UK National Health Service on their design system, especially the advice about forms and questionnaires.

My Sessions

How to investigate the feasibility of artificial intelligence in practice

Maryland A

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a wonderful way to get computers to do things that were previously impractical. But used at the wrong time on the wrong project, it may distract you from where you need to focus. We’ll use case studies from space science, chocolate manufacturing, land registry and health to suggest questions to […]

Entry level Innovation and Emerging Technologies

6 crucial survey concepts that UX professionals need to know


Why are surveys so easy to do, but so hard to do well? This deep dive into the world of surveys is aimed at advanced user experience practitioners who want to draw on key concepts from survey methodology and psychology to create better surveys. We’ll warm up with a good hard look at the System […]

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