Hannah Moyers

UX Researcher, IBM

Hannah is currently a UX Researcher working on IBM Cloud. Prior to working on IBM Cloud, Hannah was part of IBM Research’s internal incubator focused on bringing new technologies to market, and has additional experience in the marketing automation space. At work, her passion lies in advocating for UX research as a discipline and improving internal processes.

Together, Diana and Hannah have led an ongoing series of career-related courses to empower students and professionals in the UX industry.

My Sessions

Designing your career: assessing your professional priorities

Watertable C

No time to reflect on your career trajectory? This course takes a holistic approach to designing your career. We’ll facilitate conversations around your career growth priorities, compatibility with future teams, as well as capturing (and keeping!) the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. No matter where you are in your career, it’s always valuable to […]

Career Development and Management Entry level

Tell me more… moderating UX Studies

Watertable C

When moderating UX studies, it’s usually not a question of “if” but “when” things will go wrong, or at least head off in a different direction from what you had planned. Learn what to do when things get a bit awkward, or you run into a “difficult” participant in this session. Being prepared for such […]

Entry level Tools and Techniques