James Tormey

Owner, JesseJames Creative/OrgCentral

Jim Tormey co-founded JesseJames Creative in 1990. Prior to launching the firm, Jim had 10 years of experience as a design consultant for brands as diverse as CBS Records, Chase Bank and the Meredith Corporation. An expert in user experience, information architecture and content, Jim makes sure that every site or application we build is as intuitive and simple to use, as it is powerful. Currently, Jim his team are focused (OK, obsessed with) how to make every aspect of the local government experience better. Jim is a thought leader in the Smart City space and has led the development of many modern tools for government clients.

My Sessions

Why the user experience of interacting with government can no longer suck

Maryland Ballroom

If you are a UX Professional, one of the most fertile areas you can make a difference in today is the government. Driven in part by consumer companies like Apple, Amazon, Google to Netflix, Government agencies of all stripes are realizing they need to up their games and start interfacing with constituents almost like consumer […]

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