Rebecca Baker

VP, UX, PowerSchool

A usability disciple, quixotic scientist, and tea sipper, Rebecca likes data-led design, long talks about cognitive processes, and predictive analytics that let her know if she’s going to get caught in the rain. She uses her super power of UX-ray vision to see through complexity into utility. With over 20 years enterprise software experience, she’s authored multiple papers and is a requested speaker on topics ranging from information encapsulation to remote usability testing to infusing Agile with UCD. She leads the incomparable team of UX designers, researchers, and writers at PowerSchool to solve enterprise-level software conundrums using only their brains.

With 20+ years of enterprise software experience, I have had the opportunity to see the good, the bad, and the ugly as my companies have struggled (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to integrate design into existing SDLC processes. I can speak from personal experience on what works, what doesn’t, and what success and failure look like.

My Sessions

From prescriptions to preventatives: a case study in moving UX deliverables to the business case level

Maryland B

In enterprise software development, user experience operates in a reactive role, diagnosing problems and offering improvements and changes that will address symptoms reported by users. Unfortunately, this rarely addresses the root cause of the problem. By taking a proactive role in shaping business cases, UX can work with product to prevent issues before they arise […]

Senior level UX Strategy