Rebecca Destello

Research Manager, Facebook

Rebecca Destello is a Research Manager at Facebook where she leads teams who work on special projects aimed to improve the quality of experiences in Facebook’s products.

Since 2007, she’s led research for a wide variety of problem spaces, including healthcare, government, e-commerce, social media, and startups. She is also an Affiliate Faculty member at the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) department where she has been teaching graduate students in user-centered design, design thinking, research, usability testing, and web design since 2012.

In 2015 she was given the UX Community Leadership Award from UXPA Seattle, Puget Sound SIGCHI, and UX Happy Hour and in 2016 was given the Myron L. White award from the University of Washington’s at Human Centered Design & Engineering program. She has presented at UXPA, ConveyUX, TIDE, and given guest lectures at colleges and universities around the nation.

My Sessions

Leading product with research roadmaps

Maryland B

We’ve all had the experience of ad-hoc research requests driving our day-today work, the most common reason for this problem is that you’re behind the product lifecycle curve! Get ahead of the curve with research roadmaps that drive product decisions and keep your team focused on the research that matters.

Entry level UX Strategy