Safei Gu

UX Designer, VMware, Inc.

Safei Gu is an award-winning UX designer at VMware, previously at Google and Samsung in Silicon Valley. Energetic and passionate about design and high tech, Safei is experienced in creative consumer experiences across web, mobile, smart home devices, as well as data-driven enterprise UX to level up professionals’ work experiences. Safei also has strong interests in data visualization, interdisciplinary design, and 3D experience design in VR/AR – Safei earned her masters from UC Berkeley School of Information, and her thesis focused on the impact of VR design on people’s behavior changes.

My Sessions

How can data tell a story? The ultimate guide to data visualization

Maryland A

In 2025, over 463 exabytes of data will be generated every day, which equals to 1,808,593,750 average personal computers! How can we make sense of this massive amount of data, and understand the trends and insights from the numbers? And how can we visually communicate the stories and insights from the data, so that it […]

Design Psychology Senior level