Sylvie Williams

User Experience Team Lead, Social Security Administration

After my graduate degree in Human Computer Interaction, I have been working in the government UX field for 13 years, 3 as a contractor and the rest as a full time employee. I have led multiple efforts at SSA in bringing the User Experience Group and the User Centered Design Processes we follow into whatever new world we’re thrown into. A few years ago, it was Agile, and I led the process change in order to best fit UCD into the Agile processes. A couple years ago, it was Product and we had a new challenge of fitting those same UCD activities into a higher level process that might not start with a micro-vision of what to build. Recently, I have been interested in learning how to help move the SSA organization into a CX-focused organization.

My Sessions

UX & CX: what does the venn look like & how to stand up a successful CX organization in your agency

Baltimore A

A few government agencies have successfully created a CX organization, separate from their IT, Business, Policy and any other functional groups. Others are still struggling to define what being CX-focused means and how to get there from where they are. This panel will bring a mixed group of experts who will speak to this topic […]

Government UX Senior level