Student Project Competition


UXPA International is excited to announce the third annual Student Project Competition. This award recognizes the excellent contribution of students into the User Experience industry. A selection of finalists will be invited to present their project as a poster at the UXPA International 2020 Conference, where a panel of industry experts will choose a winner.


Deadline extended until May 03, 2020


Submission criteria

Your project should fall into one of the following design categories:

  1. Problem discovery through to early ideations
  2. Turning conceptual designs into high fidelity prototypes

For each category, please provide background to the project, the problem you were trying to solve, your objectives, and methods. If you are completing this work in a group (university project or other) please highlight your personal contributions.


Project details

Category 1: Problem discovery through to early ideations

Tell us the story of how your problem discovery is shaping the direction of your future solution (UX or product).

  • What questions, assumptions or parameters did you have starting out?
  • Why did you adopt your chosen research methods?
  • What did you learn?
  • How did you incorporate results into your ideation?
  • What went well? What didn’t go well?
  • Was there follow up research? If so, what was your process?


Category 2: Turning conceptual designs into high fidelity prototypes

Tell us about your experience of turning a conceptual design into a shippable product.

  • What type of research prompted your decision to increase design fidelity?
  • What issues, if any, were you trying to solve when increasing the fidelity of this solution?
  • What was unique about your approach or solution?
  • What challenges did you have working other stakeholders?
  • Was any final research done?
  • What went well? What didn’t go well?


Submission format

Posters are a way to present research results, new ideas or concepts in an informal, visual and interactive manner. Judges will gather around as you talk them through your poster. It’s a great first step into presenting at conferences and you can even use the conference poster session to pick the brains of professionals to help move your thinking forward. Submitters should include an image depicting the planned layout of the poster. Your poster can be up to 48” x 36” (smaller is fine) – preferably in a vertical format. Be creative and find the best way to tell your own story. In a separate document, please provide more detail about how your submission meets ours criteria. Selected poster presenters will be responsible for printing their own posters.


Judging criteria

In order to be selected as a finalist and to have your poster presented at UXPA 2020, the judging panel will review your submission against the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the storytelling. Have you provided sufficient context to help the committee understand the pain points you were solving? Make sure you include your project background, the problem you were trying to solve, your objectives, methods, and the outcome of your work.
  • The rigor of the research. Have you demonstrated appropriate and robust methods touching on the bullets points mentioned for your category?
  • A clear structure of your final poster proposition. Have you provided structure, a visual presentation or sufficient storytelling to help the judging committee get an impression of what your resulting poster will look like?
  • The importance of the topic to the UX community


If selected as a finalist

  • For finalists, on the first day of the conference (June 23rd) students will hang their posters in the exhibition space alongside all other UXPA International 2020 posters.
  • Students who are registered for the conference (see below) are free to participate in the whole conference, attend sessions and take advantage of the networking opportunities.
  • A judging session will be held, where each student presents his project to the panel of industry expert judges and a winner is selected.  
  • You will also be judged during your presentation on quality of your final poster AND quality of your oral presentation.


Why apply?

  • Each year hundreds of industry experts submit to present at the UXPA International conference.
  • This competition offers students a fast track to present their work to some of the biggest and brightest minds in our industry.
  • UXPA International 2020 offers unparalled networking opportunities and the chance to learn, quite literally from the people who wrote the books.
  • Presenting in the poster session is a fun and relaxed way to take the first steps into presenting at industry conferences.


Entry requirements

  • Submissions are welcome from individuals and teams (max 6).
  • Each submitter must be enrolled in a full-time academic degree program from an accredited university in a UX related field or have graduated with a UX related degree within the last year.
  • Although there is no cost to enter the competition, students wanting to present their poster in person must register for the conference at the student early bird rate of $450 (this rate will be available to all students invited to present at the conference).
  • Students are also responsible for all travel and accommodation costs.
  • There is no cost to present virtually.



  • Entries close: May 03, 2020

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