Introducing the Career Development & Management Track


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Whether you’re thinking about your next career move or are planning to continue growing at your current company, it can be useful to periodically take the time to “think big” about your career goals and the steps you can take to reach them. To address this, the Career Development & Management track was created so that UXPA attendees could learn about how to create fulfilling careers from UXers who have insights and stories to share.

In your submission proposal for the Career Development & Management track, we’d love to hear your challenges, successes, and strategies related to navigating a UX career path and reaching new levels of mastery in managing people and projects.

What we’re looking for

This track is all about growing and developing as UXers, and navigating the challenges of UX management. We’re interested in hearing all sorts of perspectives on this journey, and we’d love for your presentation to have practical take-aways that attendees can apply immediately in their own careers.

Some questions your session could address include…

  • What’s motivating you to continue developing your skills? What strategies are you using to do this?
  • What’s the next step in your career, and how are you going to get there?
  • Why and how do you develop your hard and soft skills?
  • What are great strategies for approaching a UX job search, a promotion, or a salary negotiation?
  • How do you approach managing people and/or projects?
  • What are the differences in key skills for practitioners vs. managers?
  • How does the practice of UX differ if you’re working in a large company, small company, agency, or as an independent consultant? What are the advantages and challenges of each, and how does a practitioner determine which is the best environment for their own personality?
  • Why do you evangelize UX as a force for change?

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Allen at

If you have a great idea for a Career Development & Management session we can’t wait to hear from you!

Written by: Elizabeth Allen, UXPA International 2020 Career Development & Management Chair

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