Introducing the Government UX track


Submissions for the Government UX track are now closed



New for UXPA International 2020 we’re introducing a Government UX track. With so many people around Baltimore, MD working in the Government space we know a lot of great people have a lot of amazing ideas to share. We’re on the search for people to run sessions that will be focused on challenges, successes, and lessons learned in UX work from government agencies around the world.

Why focus on government UX work?

There are some unique challenges to working on government projects, such as special government restrictions (e.g., in the US, agencies may need special approval to conduct user testing, and they may be restricted on the incentives that they can pay). But there are also some challenges that other types of organizations face as well (e.g., designing for an audience that is “everyone”). It is helpful to share these experiences both within the government UX community and others as well. Being so close to many government UX professionals, this is a great opportunity to network and learn from each other.

What kinds of submissions are you looking for?

We are looking for any kind of submission that addresses UX in government work across the world, from local to national agencies. We are looking for full-length presentations, panels, and posters on topics such as:

  • Tools and techniques that are applied or adapted to Government projects
  • Case studies showcasing the development of government products and services
  • Overcoming the challenges of UX in government agencies
  • Practical hands-on skills that attendees can take away and apply when working with Government projects
  • Or anything else related to government UX work…

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