How can data tell a story? The ultimate guide to data visualization

Maryland A

In 2025, over 463 exabytes of data will be generated every day, which equals to 1,808,593,750 average personal computers! How can we make sense of this massive amount of data, and understand the trends and insights from the numbers? And how can we visually communicate the stories and insights from the data, so that it can effectively benefit your audience? To make it easy for you, this presentation will focus on the best practices and case studies on data visualization, covering the tips and tricks for real-life design and development, as well as the cutting-edge innovative explorations in this field. No matter if you’re interested in data-driven dashboards, infographics for visual communication, or visually decoding your own massive datasets, come join us to learn how you can apply the best practices of data visualization to your own work process!

Design Psychology Senior level