How to get business to approve your UX requests: secrets, tools and tips you need for success


This course is designed to help UX practitioners understand why business isn’t agreeing to the requested steps and learn how to create full proof proposals and requests. It helps professionals understand the business factors, their point of view and how that influences their denials or reluctance. The course will concentrate on understanding the problem and creating real solutions that can be implemented immediately. The course will teach key business terms, how to create business crafted arguments, understand the numbers business likes and learn the equations that support UX requests. Attendees will write their problem sets at the beginning of the course and work through understanding, learning and creating solutions. Attendees will also participate in role reversals exercises and practice the terms, tools and tips they learn in the course. Attendees will leave the course with an in-depth proposal and will have practiced verbalizing their requests and defending their positions.

Deep dive UX Strategy