Erryca Robicheaux

User Experience Strategy Consultant, Usable Designs Inc

Erryca had over 10 years of business experience before going back to school to earn her Master’s degree in Human Factors in Information Design. Combined with her undergraduate research at LSU in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and her post-graduate research in UX|VR at Bentley University’s Immersive Design Lab, as well as her keen interest in Business Ethics and Organizational Culture, Erryca is uniquely suited to approach problems from a very broad and holistic perspective. Always keeping in mind her motto, “Good design is good business,” her innovative solutions often include elements of visual, research, business, and strategy design, and focus on maximizing ROI and achieving the business goals set out by clients. Her extensive background in Sales and Marketing and her deep understanding of organizational culture and human factors helps to champion Design Thinking across every level of an organization, from floor to C-Suite employees.

My Sessions

How to get business to approve your UX requests: secrets, tools and tips you need for success


This course is designed to help UX practitioners understand why business isn’t agreeing to the requested steps and learn how to create full proof proposals and requests. It helps professionals understand the business factors, their point of view and how that influences their denials or reluctance. The course will concentrate on understanding the problem and […]

Deep dive UX Strategy