The basics of taking on government contracts and doing UX work for the government

Maryland B

Maybe you’re doing business development for a company that’s interested in US Federal or state government contracting. Or maybe you’re a micro-business or freelancer wanting to take on subcontracts from a prime. Or maybe you’re an individual who wants to be employed by an agency that is doing government work. Know that there is a place for you and a lot of government UX work that needs to get done! We’ll explore what it means to be a government contractor as well as how you find that contract work. We’ll look specifically at where UX efforts are found, often within larger contracts, and where the UX advocates are within the Federal space. We’ll also talk about what it’s like to be a company doing UX work for the government, what it’s like as an individual contributor and key differences between doing government UX work vs. non-government commercial work.

Entry level Government UX