Cory Lebson

User Experience Consultant, Lebsontech LLC

Cory Lebson, author of The UX Careers Handbook, has been a user experience consultant for over two decades. He established Lebsontech in 1997, and in 2008, he transformed this side-business into a full-time occupation. Cory focuses on user research and evaluation. He also greatly enjoys teaching topics related to UX and conducts regular talks and workshops. He has been featured on the radio and, in addition to his book, has published many recent articles. Cory has an MBA, an MA in sociology and a BS in psychology. He is a former president of both UXPA International and UXPA DC.

My Sessions

Are you a mid-career UX professional and wondering what’s next? Let’s talk about it.

Baltimore A

Being a mid-career UX professional puts you in a funny place. You were probably doing UX work before UX was a term people used. Now you’re mid-way through your career and you’re wondering where you go from here. What comes next at year 15 or 20 or 25 or 30? How do you keep the […]

Career Development and Management Senior level

The basics of taking on government contracts and doing UX work for the government

Maryland B

Maybe you’re doing business development for a company that’s interested in US Federal or state government contracting. Or maybe you’re a micro-business or freelancer wanting to take on subcontracts from a prime. Or maybe you’re an individual who wants to be employed by an agency that is doing government work. Know that there is a […]

Entry level Government UX