The real deal about faux agile: how to use the U.S. Digital Services Playbook to instill a mindset of delivering customer value in government

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By instituting the trappings of Agile without shifting the mindset of the whole team to embrace the underlying principles of *focusing on customer value* and *delivering a working product iteratively*, government projects will continue to take too long, cost too much, and fail to meet the needs of the people they’re trying help. The U.S. Digital Services Playbook is a collection of principles, prompts, and action items aimed at improving the creation and delivery of government services. This playbook can be used as a framework to organize projects and work in a way that helps instill this mindset of delivering value to customers. By thinking of the plays as epics and our teammates as customers in the early stages of a project, we can begin to build our shipping muscles in a way that increases the performance of the team and the success of the project.

Government UX Senior level