Philip Levy

Director of User Experience Design, Bixal

Philip Levy is the Director of User Experience Design at Bixal, where he leads the UX Design team and works with senior leadership on strategic design-led initiatives. A digital product designer and web design specialist with more than 15 years of experience, he promotes human-centered design practices and design thinking throughout the organization and with Bixal’s clients. Philip collaborates with senior management to bring new and innovative methodologies to Bixal’s user experience (UX) practice, works with product managers and architects to explore and define strategy, and partners with stakeholders among teams for co-design of key capabilities across products.

My Sessions

Breaking down silos: UX research methodologies for a strong, robust content strategy

Maryland Ballroom

Traditionally, UX strategy and content strategy have been disparate disciplines with separate processes, tools and deliverables during digital project discovery and development. But working together, UXers and content strategists can coalesce around research methodologies to create a collaborative and fruitful dynamic that is inclusive of all groups, including the client, stakeholders and customers.

Senior level Tools and Techniques

The real deal about faux agile: how to use the U.S. Digital Services Playbook to instill a mindset of delivering customer value in government

Baltimore A

By instituting the trappings of Agile without shifting the mindset of the whole team to embrace the underlying principles of *focusing on customer value* and *delivering a working product iteratively*, government projects will continue to take too long, cost too much, and fail to meet the needs of the people they’re trying help. The U.S. […]

Government UX Senior level