UX design-for-good AT SCALE: Using your UX superpowers to design a whole city’s services

Watertable B

Washington DC was the recipient of a large grant that allowed them to look at the needs of their most vulnerable citizens: At-risk children from birth to five. Using UX design methods at scale, we brought together multiple lines of evidence to identify the core needs of families, identify disparities across the city, and helped to create a strategic plan to redesign the whole city’s programs and services for children – bringing together governmental agencies, community groups, non-profits.

We want to show you how you can do this where you live and work, and how your design work can have the most impact. Don’t just redesign a website, redesign a community through UX work with families, professionals and big-data. Use your UX design superpowers to help change the outcomes for a whole generation!

Entry level Government UX