John Whalen

Psychological Insights & Innovation Lead, Brilliant Experience

John Whalen leads Psychological Insights & Innovation at Brilliant Experience, is an international speaker, and author of the recently published book Designing for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products (O’Reilly).

John helps enterprises use customer insights to create and enhance their products and services. He has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and 20+ years of experience working in cutting-edge user research and product design with Fortune 500 companies and design agencies including Google, PayPal, Bloomberg, eBay, Cisco, Capital One, and Johns Hopkins and a wide variety of government agencies.

My Sessions

Are you a mid-career UX professional and wondering what’s next? Let’s talk about it.

Baltimore A

Being a mid-career UX professional puts you in a funny place. You were probably doing UX work before UX was a term people used. Now you’re mid-way through your career and you’re wondering where you go from here. What comes next at year 15 or 20 or 25 or 30? How do you keep the […]

Career Development and Management Senior level

UX design-for-good AT SCALE: Using your UX superpowers to design a whole city’s services

Watertable B

Washington DC was the recipient of a large grant that allowed them to look at the needs of their most vulnerable citizens: At-risk children from birth to five. Using UX design methods at scale, we brought together multiple lines of evidence to identify the core needs of families, identify disparities across the city, and helped […]

Entry level Government UX