Why the user experience of interacting with government can no longer suck

Maryland Ballroom

If you are a UX Professional, one of the most fertile areas you can make a difference in today is the government. Driven in part by consumer companies like Apple, Amazon, Google to Netflix, Government agencies of all stripes are realizing they need to up their games and start interfacing with constituents almost like consumer brands.

From apps to mobile to maps to the desktop to physical touchpoints like wayfinding systems and parking meters, Government is hungry for innovation and finally realizing that design matters–not only for citizens but for the folks who need to use and administer these systems #adminlivesmatter!

Moderated by a thought leader in the government software space who has worked on 50+ government projects, this panel will bring together the CIO of a Major Mid Atlantic City, the communications director of super cool Midwest city, a design lead from the Federal Government’s Design office and perhaps a surprise guest or two. We’ll talk UX, the value of trust and the role of UX in building it, storytelling, accessibility, Smart Cities, AI, mobile and more.

Government UX Senior level