Dick Horst

President, UserWorks, Inc.

Dick Horst, Ph.D., CPE, President and Principal User Experience Specialist. Dick is an experimental psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in applied behavioral research, systems development, and usability engineering. He is the president and founder of UserWorks, a consulting firm that specializes in enhancing the usability and accessibility of user interfaces. He has overseen that firm’s accessibility work and in so doing has interacted with designers, developers, and project managers with a wide range of sensitivities to accessibility issues.

My Sessions

Accessibility: how much is enough?

Baltimore A

This panel discussion will focus on issues in the remediation of accessibility shortfalls in information technology products and both philosophical and practical considerations involved in deciding when a product is sufficiently compliant with accessibility standards. While there is general agreement on such design standards, there is considerable uncertainty about enforcement policies and effective strategies for […]

Senior level UX Strategy