Shashank Nagavarapu

Senior Associate of Human Centered Design, Lextant

As a Senior Associate of Human Centered Design at Lextant, Shank’s work involves a range of exercises, from participatory design activities to heuristics evaluations and usability testing, all key to the human-centered design process. Over the last 4 years, Shank has led human factors research in the automotive, finance, healthcare, and consumer tech spaces. Shank also consults with companies in these spaces for the design of their products and services.

Shank holds an MS in Human Factors from The Ohio State University.

My Sessions

Pragmatic UX for autonomous vehicles | In-vehicle UX that enables safe and dynamic vehicle-driver transitions

Maryland A

Level 4 autonomous vehicles are around the corner, with our vehicles safely driving for us within an operational domain. But what happens when the driver has to take over? Is it a stop-then-go transition? Imagine dozens of cars pulling to the side of the freeway at off-ramps, waiting for their drivers to take control! Can […]

Innovation and Emerging Technologies Senior level