Sponsorship with UXPA2020

UXPA International connects hundreds of professionals through mentorship programs, webinars, and of course, our annual international conference.

Speaking of international conferences, our 2020 conference will bring no exception. If you’re looking for opportunities to network about job openings, services, tools, or to promote a recent publication, read on. 

Sponsorship packages

The best thing about being a UXPA sponsor is the flexibility! We offer three sponsorship packages: Visionary, Innovator and Contributor. Each package also includes free tickets* and other discounts.

How can my organization be part of UXPA?

Exhibits: choose from 3 high visibility areas to set up your booth for the conference. Exhibit booths also include discounts on conference registrations.

Branding: buy branded collaterals for the conference. Products ranging from high visibility lanyards to printed marketing. All collateral would have your logo on it as well as UXPA International branding.

A dedicated event: meet potential candidates with a personal recruitment event. We’re offering portfolio reviews, speed networking, and an on-site UX event.

Branding and networking: promote your hashtag with 600+ attendees at the opening reception at Baltimore Aquarium. Cocktail sponsorship or a Step and Repeat will have the crowds returning.

If you’re interested to sponsor UXPA2020 read our full prospectus.

*The number of free registrations depends on the package you choose.


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