Applying behavioral design principles to facilitate smarter financial decisions

Baltimore A

The panelists share their most recent behavioral research findings and best practices about how to create behavioral design via digital channels to inrease customer engagement, build customer trust and confidence, nudge smarter financial decision-making, and improve consumer financial health, especially for those who are financially underserved.

Made of up of the nation’s top notch financial behavioral researchers, digital product strategist, and fintech innovator, the panel is going to share key takeaways of their research findings and behavioral design best practices to help consumers make smarter financial decisions, form positive behaviors and ultimately improve financial well-being, including those financially vulnerable populations.

Drawn upon the deep understanding of the needs of their own target customers and design principles informed by cognitive psychology and behavioral sciences, the panelists will share their unique perspectives and learnings in increasing adoption of digital financial service, applying various nudging techniques, fighting poverty via a mobile app, and designing useful and meaningful online disclosures and privacy policies. The discussions will not only shed light on how to create the optimal customer experience, but also help prevent human decision pitfalls, combat negative cognitive biases, and drive sustainable positive financial habits.

Design Psychology Senior level