Wei Ding

Product Team Lead, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Wei Ding, PhD. PMP., is a product team lead in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, overseeing the Office’s digital portfolio strategy and leading the ideation, design and development of consumer-facing digital products. With 27+ years of experience in product management and consumer behavioral research, Dr. Ding has held various design leadership positions at other Federal government agencies and private sectors. She helped institutions establish user experience design disciplines, and led the successful design/redesign of large-scaled ecommerce or government websites, such as uspto.gov, Marriott.com, and vanguard.com.
A frequent speaker at professional conferences and industry forums, Dr. Ding is the first author of a UX book titled “Information Architecture: the Design and Integration of Information Spaces” (1st edition 2009, 2nd edition 2017).

My Sessions

Applying behavioral design principles to facilitate smarter financial decisions

Baltimore A

The panelists share their most recent behavioral research findings and best practices about how to create behavioral design via digital channels to inrease customer engagement, build customer trust and confidence, nudge smarter financial decision-making, and improve consumer financial health, especially for those who are financially underserved. Made of up of the nation’s top notch financial […]

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