Dabby Phipps

UX Content Lead, IBM

Dabby Phipps is currently the UX Content Lead for Watson integration with the internal support teams at IBM. Dabby leads the team that creates the cognitive intents and user experience for web, voice, and chat support. Since graduating from Georgia Tech with an MS in Psychology many moons ago, Dabby has championed UX across a variety of domains, including military, medical, sales, and support. When not trying to put a smile on her users’ faces, Dabby enjoys hiking, playing modern boards games, storming castles with friends in D&D, and serving her three feline companions.

My Sessions

Putting words in the mouths of chatbots: designing cognitive intents

Baltimore B

Chatbots have emerged as a powerful new technology in our daily lives. Sometimes they attempt to answer our questions or provide advice, while other times they ask screening questions before handing off to another human. Despite their ubiquity, the capabilities of chatbots are often misunderstood with many people believing the chatbot can generate unique answers […]

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