Hina Shahid

Founder, Project Pluralist

Hina is a strategic designer, design educator and a design entrepreneur. Her proficiency lies in design-led innovation—helping organizations create new products, environments, services, & business models that balance economic viability & human value.

With 14 years of experience working in consultancies, Fortune 200 corporations and start-ups in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America. Her work spans across a diverse range of sectors- insurance, finance, healthcare, retail, consumer electronics, textiles, non-profit and interior architecture.

My Sessions

Beyond UX research—building a strategic service research practice

Maryland A

For the past few years, I’ve been practicing a research approach I’ve called “Service design research”. It is an approach to gather design-centric data, to make design-led decisions, and its roots lie in service design, ethnography and generative design methods. Using the lens of human experience and service-thinking, cross functional teams (product, marketing, design, research, […]

Senior level UX Strategy

Idea Facilitation—Using creative ideation for product development

Watertable C

This workshop is for designers, researchers and strategists that need to create conditions for creative thinking and innovation within a given team or an organization. Teams and organizations are composed of a wide variety of professionals, most of who are not designers and may not even be familiar with design practices. In such a scenario […]

Entry level Tools and Techniques