Peter Clasen

Researcher, Google

Peter is currently a researcher at Google where he helps use the power of Google’s mapping and data infrastructure to advance policy and public awareness around climate change. In his previous role at Facebook, he helped launch the company’s work on public health. This included features that leverage Facebook’s strengths to promote behaviors that are essential to public health (e.g., health messaging, blood donations) as well as prioritizing Facebook’s efforts to take responsibility for behaviors on the platform that negatively impact public health (e.g., vaccine misinformation). Peter’s work cuts across product, partnerships, and policy. He is passionate about helping researchers maximize their influence as strategists and tacticians, using research roadmaps as an essential tool.

My Sessions

Leading product with research roadmaps

Maryland B

We’ve all had the experience of ad-hoc research requests driving our day-today work, the most common reason for this problem is that you’re behind the product lifecycle curve! Get ahead of the curve with research roadmaps that drive product decisions and keep your team focused on the research that matters.

Entry level UX Strategy