Tim Reitzes

Design Lead, NYC Mayors Office

Tim Reitzes is a designer at the Service Design Studio at the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, where his work focuses on using design to help make public services simple, accessible, and effective for the people who use and deliver them. Before working at the Mayor’s Office, Tim spent four years as an Experience Design consultant, using design methodologies to help organizations from a variety of industries solve complex problems. Prior to that, he worked at an education technology think tank, where he helped design and evaluate innovative approaches for using technology to support teaching and learning. He is a born and raised New Yorker, proud co-creator of The New York Pizza Project, and a long-suffering-but-always-devoted-and-optimistic New York Knicks fan.

My Sessions

Bringing service design inside city government

Maryland B

The NYC Mayors Office Design Studio brings service design inside city government. The Studio, part of the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, has been working for two years to empower the city’s public servants to use design to make public services more effective and accessible. You’ll learn about the studio, how they work, and what […]

Government UX Senior level

Designing equity


When designed well, public services can be equity engines, or mechanisms that can ensure families are able to stay healthy, live in quality housing, and access meaningful education and career pathways regardless of household income. Good design of these essential social services necessitates that the lived experience of those using and delivering is at the […]

Government UX Senior level