Arianne Miller

Managing Director, The Lab at OPM

Arianne builds capacity for innovation among federal employees by teaching human-centered design through both workshops and mentoring in addition to managing a variety of design projects that address the high-priority needs of OPM and other federal agencies. Arianne came into the federal government as a Presidential Management Fellow at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after earning an MBA from the University of Michigan. Prior to that, Arianne worked to build and improve access to high-quality public schools through a variety of organizations, including Chicago Public Schools, the U.S. Department of Education, and DonorsChoose.org.

My Sessions

Innovating in government with human centered design

Baltimore A

Government agencies understand the value of innovation to help improve their customer service and streamline their processes. They have taken a number of approaches to support innovation, from providing technical support and training, to emphasizing the value of user-centered design in innovation. The panelists in this session will be leaders in innovation at their agencies. […]

Government UX Senior level