Jen Romano-Bergstrom

Director of User Experience Research, Bridgewater Associates

Jen is the UX Research Director at Bridgewater Associates. She has spent over a decade leading UX research for numerous organizations and products, including Facebook, Instagram, Nielsen, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the US Census Bureau. Jen specializes in efficient applications of empirical methods to ensure quality is not lost while working fast to get actionable results. Jen is a trained Experimental Psychologist and has spearheaded efforts around the world to get academics and industry collaborating on research. She is the co-author of ‘Eye Tracking in UX Design’ and ‘Usability Testing of Surveys’.

My Sessions

Are you a mid-career UX professional and wondering what’s next? Let’s talk about it.

Baltimore A

Being a mid-career UX professional puts you in a funny place. You were probably doing UX work before UX was a term people used. Now you’re mid-way through your career and you’re wondering where you go from here. What comes next at year 15 or 20 or 25 or 30? How do you keep the […]

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