Lindsey Messervy

Senior Organizational Designer, Mad*Pow

As a Senior Organizational Designer within Mad*Pow’s Design Transformation practice, Lindsey’s background in psychology, anthropology, and design gives her a unique perspective on how organizations can support people to do their best work.

Her stints in product, service, and business-model design deepened her skills in human-centered design and innovation. Accomplishments include reorienting a healthcare innovation center to deepen its human-centered practices and processes; conceptualizing, developing, prototyping and testing a new healthcare business model to support family wellbeing; and developing a program for emerging leaders to improve their knowledge, skillsets, and mindsets.

She has a Master of Science degree in Design Ethnography from the University of Dundee in Scotland, and a degree in Psychology and Humanistic Studies from McGill University.

My Sessions

Transformation by design: strengthening design and innovation practices in your organization


As UX practitioners, we are primed to identify how things might be better – whether the focus is on the products, services or offerings we develop, or the way we work as an organization. When we’ve helped organizations shift their focus inwards to strengthen, scale or evolve human-centered design practices, we’ve found the most effective […]

Senior level UX Strategy