Mei Jen Chen

UX Researcher, PayPal

Mei Jen Chen is a UX Researcher at PayPal. Passionate about how technology intertwines with society, she generates meaningful insights from a deep understanding of customer needs and behaviors that transform into captivating experiences. Outside of work, she enjoys all kinds of stories that portray reality and dreams. Born in Taiwan, Mei holds a M.S. in Human Centered Design & Engineering from University of Washington.

My Sessions

Democratizing research: building a culture where research is a team sport

Baltimore A

At PayPal we are on a journey to transform our UX research practice from service provider to strategic partner. Appetite for customer insights is often hard to satiate, with an ever-increasing demand for both tactical and strategic research to support product development. To face this challenge head-on, the research team at PayPal experimented with ways […]

Senior level UX Strategy