Malia Nagle

Director, UX Design, PayPal

Malia Nagle is a UX Design Director at PayPal. She leads a multi-disciplinary team of UX researchers focusing on PayPal consumer products, Venmo, Xoom, and the APAC region. Malia is obsessed with helping companies develop a deep understanding of the people who use their products and ensures a tight collaboration with stakeholders in design, product management, engineering, and all parts of the business. Prior to PayPal, she lead research for eBay Enterprise, a division of eBay that focused on ecommerce clients. She holds a M.S. in Interaction Design and Information Architecture from the University of Baltimore.

My Sessions

Democratizing research: building a culture where research is a team sport

Baltimore A

At PayPal we are on a journey to transform our UX research practice from service provider to strategic partner. Appetite for customer insights is often hard to satiate, with an ever-increasing demand for both tactical and strategic research to support product development. To face this challenge head-on, the research team at PayPal experimented with ways […]

Senior level UX Strategy

Answering the right questions at the right time: Practical advice on embedding a culture of strategic UX research within your organization

Baltimore B

Realize the untapped opportunity to transform your research function to a strategic partner that has tangible, visible impact across your organization. With a discussion led by Kate McGunigal and Malia Nagle – the UX Research Leaders who shaped this transformation at PayPal – hear their first hand story on how they successfully made the transition […]

Senior level UX Strategy