Aviva Oskow

Product Design Lead, Innovation Specialist, 18F

As the digital Product Design Lead at 18F, Aviva works to improve the user experience of the federal government through human-centered design. She is passionate about bringing high quality design and accessible standards to public services and improving internal processes for government workers. She designed the front facing web experience for the first launch of the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer, the new Freedom of Information Act portal (FOIA.gov) and is currently on the team building a new Civil Rights Complaint Portal for the Department of Justice. She regularly presents about civic technology & design at conferences, universities, and educational programs.

My Sessions

Designing user-centered forms for high-stakes services

Watertable B

Forms play an important role in our lives. When we apply for healthcare, financial services, school, legal assistance, jobs, and many other high-stakes services, we have to fill out cumbersome forms along the way. Similar to these industries, many traditional government forms were designed to meet the needs of bureaucracy, not everyday users. As a […]

Government UX Senior level